About Us

In Mist of Diversification

Being in the projector lamps industry since 2005 to date, we leverage on our specialization. Lamps sourcing & maintenance. Our advantage to work with premise owners are the ability to control cost. 

We pride ourselves as first tier in pricing for projector lamps and projector parts such like ballast, mainboard and lenses for short & long throw.

Interactivity is our key

We believe projectors will have more key roles to play in area of learning experience and  group interaction. 

We started to market touch projectors and devices that could convert any space or TV panels to improve participation and communication.

Creative Maintenance Control

You only care in leaving a good impression to your customers. If you share this motto like us. Then we can become good business partners. Deep impression with repetition of the same ripple effect, cost control will only widen your competition.