InterPro: A productivity tool to our daily Interaction

 Intepro is a must have to make message meaningful and interact-able. Not only it greatly improve teachers and children learning curve, it improve office productivity.  It also save the environment without discarding the current projectors and TV sets. 

The challenges We take on are ;

Where we place InterPro

 The device consists of a body of dimensions 10 x 8 x 4 cm and a 56 cm shaft, at the end of which the laser sensor is positioned that allows to cover an area that goes from 60 "to 90" . The device must be fixed to the wall, just above the projection area, so as not to interfere with the projector itself and connect the power cable to the appropriate input at the upper end.

Standard Classroom Adoption

Classroom with standard projectors in Singapore School environment.

InterPro solved the challenges faced Singapore schools: 

1. Calibration problem with Interactive Projectors- Knock will provide teachers with touch accuracy issues.

2. Driver-free ,No software is further needed. Technical Asst. not required to install software driver.

3. Whiteboard and  Projectors screens makes teachers work redundant and cannot save as a common record.

School sample Installation: Yumin Primary school

Installation is done at Yumin Primary school and Subsequent feedback will be taken after EduTech Asia 2018

Sample Installation at LG office(Indonesia)

We take on another challenge to InterPro over latest LG 55 inch  OLED video wall .  The Setup is 3 x 1 vertical monitors. We scretch the laser curtain to 1.85 m x 1.3m producing a 97 inch  touchscreen  solution without hurting the warranty. 

InterPro with Installation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


1.Site Survey   

2.Interpro Installation to your existing projector  

3.A 15 meters HDMI and USB cable to your meeting PCs 

4. Labour to Install, Test and Commissioned  

Act Now and Get your Ideas Across

What we put in the package:

 Site Survey   

Interpro Installation to your existing projector or tv panels  

15 meters HDMI and USB cable to your meeting PCs 

 Labour to Install, Test and Commissioned  


Other Payment Options: Do Not Delay or You will miss our offer!

 We will need 50% confirmation deposit to the company account and we will send an work order form to you .    The company account for transfer is as follows; 

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Payee name : MSHH ASIAPAC Payee Account number : 0415-10666-35 Payee bank : MAYBANK Bank SWIFT CODE  : MBBESGSG    Branch Code: 015 

 PayPal account: 

 支付宝 / Ali pay: 65-92763833

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There are 2 ways we reward Believers:

1. Youtube testimonies to Asian followers get you 30% of the selling price.

2.  Facebook with specific potential group of followers can receive 10% of the selling price.

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Along the ways Questions & Answers


Why does it show and cannot use GO Touch?

There are several reasons for these:


1. The USB cable is not connected properly between the PC and the projector.

 2. Please perform the following operation and check that the application is installed correctly    


Select Device Manager> Imaging Devices> TouchDriver+. Then start “Scan for hardware changes”



3. Please use the supplied USB cable. Please contact the reseller if you need a longer USB cable.



4. Malfunction of the USB port on computer. Please check if the USB port is functioning or not.

If not, please consult with your IT engineer.