Projector Lamps, parts & Services

Schools Program


We understood projectors perform differently after warranty and users would like to have the best investment return. We offer matching color temperature and warranty on our lamps offered. One price fit all for schools is a program target at schools with multiple brands of projectors.

Longest warranty period


We understand the important of quality supplies to protect asset..Thus we  offer 3 additional warranty longer than the market 

Custom-made bracket


Our service include the ability to offer solution to the environmental challenges.



LCD, DMD , Polarizers, I/O ports, Ballast and power supplies were our common bread in the earlier years. Reach out to us and dip into our deep resources

Maintenance Contracts


To us its a relationship to protect your assets. We have skills not only toward the standard maintenance. We advance toward Interactive projector calibration.

Accessories enhancement


Lenses replacement & configuration, or Screen upgrade. Our experience speak on itself.

Our product have real application without the price

This Interactive projector is built with common classroom in mind,  We want to build products that could be extended even to the last class. 

We believe each students have talent and purpose in life. 

All of our hardware is embedded with software that instantly allow collaboratively learning 

Wireless Frame / Whiteboard

The wireless frame or we could build your classroom with built in wireless whiteboard. This will allow teachers or trainers to be wireless connected for annotation. 

Without the use of projector, the same whiteboard could  record meeting agenda or discussion into the our digital devices thus provide true productivity and save the use of papers.