About XiaoMi or WeMax Projector

About UST laser projector

 The projector is also a  Ultra short-throw projector, i.e. it can be positioned at the shortest possible distance from the screen. It is intended to be placed on a TV board, for example, where it takes on the role of television. Depending on the distance to the wall, a larger image is obtained, as with ordinary projectors. The maximum Xiaomi states is 150 inches, about 3.8 meters, which can be reached at a distance of 49 cm. 


 The advantage: The installation is much simpler, the projector does not have to be set up at the height of the screen and the depth of the room does not matter either. In the simplest case, the projector is placed directly in front of the wall on the floor. And you can’t walk through the picture either. 

Making Screen size consideration

Please check picture for your correct viewing 

80 " 

 14 cm to wall 

29 cm for projection height 

 size  = 177 x 100 cm 


 24 cm  to wall

 35 cm for projection height 

Size : 221 x 126 cm 


 34 cm to the Wall

41 cm for projection height 

Size :  266 x 149 cm 

Xiaomi Projector Screen effects Video

We bring in material that is suitable and tested against Xiaomi and Wemax projectors before going to production

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Lenticular Screen Specifcations

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